Cornbread & Tortillas

Friday, March 24th
Ashe Civic Center

Tickets: $18.50 Adult | $7.50 Student
(includes sales tax and fees)

The Cornbread & Tortillas artist collective visits Ashe Civic Center to present their signature show. The show is in English and Spanish devised from the stories of the artists, whose cultural heritages span from Appalachia to Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Greece, and Ecuador. You will see lots of instruments including banjo, fiddle, mandolin, Andean flutes, charango, congas and cajon, as well as mountain-style flatfooting and percussive Ballet Folklórico styles from Mexico. Music, dance and stories from throughout the Americas weave together a narrative with central themes of family, identity, work, love and art, highlighting our similarities and differences as human beings and building cultural bridges.

The community is invited to attend a Bilingual Sing Along with Cornbread & Tortillas at the Ashe Arts Center on Thursday, March 23, at 7 pm. Free & open to the public. During their residency, Cornbread & Tortillas will engage in three educational performances and workshops in Ashe County Public Schools.

This presentation is funded, in part, by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the North Carolina Arts Council.

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