ASU Young People’s Theatre presents Winnie the Pooh


APRIL 27, 2 PM • $DOLLAR DAYS$ • $1 ticket at the door

Presenting Winnie the Pooh, Applachian Young People’s Theatre is a perfect family outing! Bring your kids to enjoy live theatre. 


About The Appalachian Young People’s Theatre
The Appalachian Young People’s Theatre (AYPT) touring outreach program has been bringing theatre for young audiences to the High Country and surrounding area since 1972. AYPT uses simple sets, props, and costumes to bring classic and contemporary stories with educational themes to life. AYPT has performed at the Southeastern Theatre Conference Invitational Children’s Theatre Festival and at the North Carolina Theatre Conference annual convention.

Company members are Appalachian State University students who receive credit and training in technical aspects and performance under the supervision of faculty.

WHY? What is the impact of Theatre for Young Audiences on a child?
Seeing live theatre offers a range of academic, social, and emotional benefits to children. This includes a greater ability to accept people with different opinions from their own and understand the diversity of ways others experience the world; an increased hope for their own future, with the ability to imagine attending college and envisioning success; a greater recognition that the arts can have a place in their lives in the present and future; improved engagement and behavior in school environments, which can impact success; increased success on standardized tests; higher writing scores; and a stronger command of narrative devices.

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