Along the New Reception

Join us for the exhibit reception for Along the New, an art exhibit in partnership with the New River Conservancy.

Exhibit includes the work of over 20 local artists and information from the New River Conservancy.


About the New River Conservancy

Our Mission: The staff, board of directors, and volunteers of New River Conservancy are dedicated to protecting the waters, woodlands, and wildlife of the the New River Watershed.

The New River winds its way through three states and countless communities who have depended on its bounty for generations. We are here to protect it and to ensure that the waters that feed it are clean; that the land supports vibrant plants and animals; and that the communities that rely on it are passionate and empowered advocates for a healthy New River.


We believe that there is great economic and recreational opportunity in the New River Watershed. But we also know that the complete health and full protection of this ancient river will only come from a collective vigilance that speaks for the River. To make this happen, our strategic priorities are…

  • Understanding Water Quality

  • Protecting and Restoring the Land

  • Keeping the River Clean

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Along the New Reception