Arts In Education Schedule

The Ashe County Arts Council
Arts In Education Schedule


John McCutcheon
Singer and songwriter

October 4 – Ashe County Middle School

Catawba Science Center
Physics Phun

Rockin’ Reactions

October 11,  Westwood Elementary 4-6 grades
Mountain View Elementary 4-6 grades
October 12,   Ashe Middle School   7&8 grades
Blue Ridge  Elementary 4-6 grades

Billy Jonas Band
Using homemade and recycled instruments

October 18
Ashe County High School

Missoula  Children’s Theatre Workshops

October 24
Mountain View Elementary

Dancing Drum
Drumming Up World Music  – Interactive Performance

November 8 & 9
Blue Ridge Elementary K-3, 4-6
Mountain View Elementary K-3, 4-6
Westwood Elementary K-3, 4-6

Ashe County Choral Festival
Ashe County music students showcase the best of choral music.

December 4 – Ashe County High School


Reggie Harris
Music of the Underground Railroad

January 22
Blue Ridge Elementary K-3
Mountain View Elementary K-3
Westwood Elementary K-3

Bubble Trouble
Science of Bubbles

February 13 & 14
Blue Ridge Elementary K-3
Mountain View Elementary K-3
Westwood Elementary K-3


One Women Presentation by Stephanie Morin-Roberts focusing on empathy, trust and healthy relationships

February 22
Ashe County High School

Mike Kelsey
Think Like A Composer

March 11
Ashe County Middle School 7&8 grades
Ashe County High School   9&10, 11&12

Todd Wright Jazz Ensemble
A four piece jazz concert with ASU music students

March, 2019
Blue Ridge Elementary 4-6 grades
Mountain View Elementary 4-6 grades
Westwood Elementary 4-6 grades


Barter Players
Professional Theatre Tour presenting the Scarlet Letter and Tom Sawyer

March 29
Ashe County Middle School and Ashe County High School

ASU Young People’s Theatre
The Ugly Duckling , a story of how to be yourself

April 11, 16, 18
Westwood Elementary K-3, 4-6
Mountain View Elementary K-3, 4-6
Blue Ridge Elementary K-3, 4-6

Very Special Arts Festival
Celebration of the arts for Ashe County’s Exceptional Students with hands-on arts and crafts, music and festival performers.

April 5, 9am-1pm  at ELC (PreK-12)

Spring Fest 2019
A day long celebration of the arts.

April 6, 9am-2pm  at ELC (Everyone!)