2016 School Programming


Missoula Children’s Theatre

Red Riding Hood production with local students; drama workshops

  • October 19-23, after school at Ashe Civic Center (K-12)
  • October 22, at Mountain View Elementary

The Story Ship: Super Me

Anti-bullying theme with high energy dance, video, magic animation.

  • October 28, 8:30am  at Westwood Elementary (K-3)
  • October 28, 10am  at Westwood Elementary (4-6)
  • October 28, 1pm  at Mountain View Elementary (K-3)
  • October 29, 8:30am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (K-3)
  • October 29, 10am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (4-6)
  • October 29, 1pm  at Mountain View Elementary (4-6)

Mark Nizer

Movement, music, juggling and technology.

  • November 5, 8:30am  at Ashe County High School (11-12)
  • November 5, 10:30am  at Ashe County High School (11-12)

Kid Power

Operation Lunch Line in 3-D! An interactive, musical show, designed to help children learn the value of good nutrition and exercise.

  • November 5, 8:30am  at Westwood Elementary (K-3)
  • November 5, 10:00am  at Westwood Elementary (4-6)
  • November 6, 8:30am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (K-3)
  • November 6, 10:00am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (4-6)
  • November 9, 8:30am  at Mountain View Elementary (K-3)
  • November 9, 10:00am  at Mountain View Elementary (4-6)

Ashe County Choral Festival

Ashe County music students showcase the best of choral music.

  • December 3, 7pm  at Ashe Civic Center (6-12 chorus)



Mike Wiley

The story of Jackie Robinson

  • January 19, 8:30am  at Ashe County Middle School (7-8)
  • January 19, 2pm  at Ashe County High School (9-10)

Atlantic Coast Theatre

Our America, folktales and folksongs

  • March 15, 8:30am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (K-3)
  • March 15, 9:45am at Blue Ridge Elementary (4-6)
  • March 15, 1pm at Westwood Elementary (K-3)
  • March 16, 8:30am  at Mountain View Elementary (K-3)
  • March 16, 9:45am at Mountain View Elementary (4-6)
  • March 16, 1pm at Westwood Elementary (4-6)

EBZB Productions

The Wrights of Passage, the story of the first powered flights.

  • March 23, 8:30am  at Ashe County Middle School (7)
  • March 23, 10am at Ashe County Middle School (8)

Barter Players

Antigone, based on Sophocles ancient tragedy about family love and loyalty.

  • March 29, 8:30am  at Ashe County High School (9-10)
  • March 29, 10:30am at Ashe County High School (11-12)

ASU Young People’s Theatre

  • TBA, 8:30am  at Westwood Elementary (K-3)
  • TBA, 10am at Westwood Elementary (4-6)
  • TBA, 8:30am  at Mountain View Elementary (K-3)
  • TBA, 10am at Mountain View Elementary (4-6)
  • TBA, 8:30am  at Blue Ridge Elementary (K-3)
  • TBA, 10am at Blue Ridge Elementary (4-6)

Very Special Arts Festival

Celebration of the arts for Ashe County’s Exceptional Students with hands-on arts and crafts, music and festival performers.

  • April 15, 9am-1pm  at ELC (PreK-12)

Spring Fest 2016

A day long celebration of the arts.

  • April 16, 9am-2pm  at ELC (Everyone!)