Ashe County Studio Tour

Summertime in the mountains – what better way to see the countryside than on a two-day Studio Tour! And to see the best Ashe County artists working in their own studios!   On August 5-6 the Ashe County Arts Council will sponsor the Ashe County Studio Tour, a two-day, self-guided, free event in which  Ashe County artists open their studios to the public.

Tour participants will discover art studios located all over the county – in and around West Jefferson, Jefferson, Crumpler, Laurel Springs, Todd, Creston, Warrensville, and Lansing. Most of the studios are not usually open to the public, so this is a rare opportunity for people to see where these artists work and at select locations, to watch them as they create their art. And it doesn’t hurt that getting there takes you through some of the most beautiful mountain countryside the High Country has to offer!

Participating artists include: Helen Barnes-Rielly, David Bridge, Syndi and Rene Brooks, Berkeley Brown, Dale Carlson, Kelly Clampitt, Cynthia Dixon, Martha Enzmann, Jane Munroe Floyd, Carla Houck, George Kosinski, Rosie Kosinksi, Debora Mauser, Susan Meredith, Camille Morgan, Pat Morrison, Mary-Ann Prack, Cheryl Roberts, Cher Shaffer, Milt Sigel, Dolores Somers, Carol Thompson, Dawn Wicklow, Hollis Wild, Cheryl Williams and Jennifer Gardiner Wilson.

Check out our Studio Tour Page with the map, artist descriptions and written directions!


Aug 05 2017 - Aug 06 2017


09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Ashe County Arts Council
wishes the North Carolina Arts Council
a Happy 50th Anniversary!